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Phone: 0036-30-6256-368
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Székely Anna

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I'm Anna Székely dive instructor.

Székely Anna diver
I'm Anna Székely dive instructor.
  • In 2000I made my first scuba diver course.
  • In 2005 become Divemaster.
  • 2007 Open Water Scuba Instructor.
  • 2015 I have started the technical dives and cave dives.
  • 2017 May TDI/SDI Crossover Cavern Instructor.
  • 2022 TDI Intro to Cave Instructor.

  • Number of dives: more than1800 dives I made in the last21 years .
  • Malta 9 season I have worked as an instructor at the Lagoon Divecenter.
  • 2016 February - 2017 March Molnár János Cave dive guide.
  • 2017 summer Málta.
  • 2017-2018 winter: Tenerife I have worked as an instructor.
    I'm in Hungary
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